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Jose Acosta tells stories with moving pictures. His passion for excellence has garnered him EMMY and TELLY awards and his direction for some of the worlds best-known brands like Coca-Cola, Ferrari, Aflac, the EMMY Awards, Dunkin' Donuts, the Home Depot, Disney, McCormick, and Kraft Foods, have put him on the forefront of the new Interactive Digital Cinema medium.

Ad agency partners include Studiocom (a WPP company), Razorfish (a Publicis company), Y&R New York, What's Up Interactive, Ames Scullin O'Haire, Adrenaline, The Partnership, and Lean Inc.

Beyond his technical abilities in the realms of digital cinematography, editing, 3D animation, compositing and effects design, Jose brings the imagination and vision needed to make the most out of the powerful tools at his disposal. With a Masters degree in Film and Television from Georgia State University, and over twenty years experience in media production, Jose delivers leadership and insight to every assignment.

Jose resides in Atlanta with his wife Julia and their three children. He also has an office in Los Angeles, and is available to work wherever the next project requires.

José Alejandro Acosta
Email me
Atlanta 404.918.7261
Los Angeles 310.846.7458
More career details available here on Jose's LinkedIn and IMDB profiles. Or download his Resume.


CAMERAS: RED Epic owner/operator,
Plus ALEXA, Panasonic P2, Canon HDSLRs, Sony EX-1, EX-3, F3, FS100, GoPro.

POST PRODUCTION: Nuke, Final Cut Studio, Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro, MOCA and MONET planar motion trackers. Autodesk 3DS Max, SynthEyes 3D motion tracker.

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2010 Auto Portfolio

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McCormick Gourmet: Richard Blais (2009)

Jose directed and edited this fast-paced spot for McCormick spices, fe ...

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MyCoke Secret Formula spots (2009)

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Sports Car Museum (2010)

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SouthEast EMMY Awards (2010)

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Dunkin' Donuts Better For You (2008) featuring Rachel Ray

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Dunkin' Donuts Bases Loaded (2008) featuring Major League pitchers

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Disney Magical Places pitch (2008)

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Home Depot SAP Training (2007) featuring the Apron!

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Accenture spots (2007) featuring Tiger Woods

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Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Mystery (2002)

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SALSA (1997) TV series on PBS

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Young Alien (1995)

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FGA sizzle reel

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Kleenex Webisodes

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Kraft Foods - KDIN (2010)

Jose directed this complex production for Razorfish and Kraft Foods.

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